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Game 10: BASEketball 8/22/15

By May 15, 2015Season 3

Game 10: BASEketball

Winner take all


Date: 8/22/15 @ 10 am
Location: Fergs Live
Matchup: Winner Take All Bracket
Overview: A game of Baseball & Basketball mixed.
Game Play: 9 Innings
Players:  Minimum of 8 players

-Double elimination bracket game play.  Random initial match up.
-Defenders must rotate each inning.
-The same defender cannot be under the hoop 2 innings in a row.
-All players must play at least 2 full innings of defense in game.
-The Psyche Out defender must rotate each batter.
-If found batting out of order, receive 1 out for each instance. (Up to 3 to end inning)


Home Plate is the only home run shot located centered, 10 feet behind 3 point line

The Three squares to shoot from at the free-throw distance are singles
The Three squares to shoot from just inside the 3 point line are doubles
The Three squares to shoot from right behind 3 point line are triples
The Two squares to shoot from right beside the basket are bunts

First base is where you think it would be
Second base is directly under the basket
Third base is where you would think it would be
Home plate is the home run shot, 10 feet behind 3 point line


Lineup must remain the same the entire game
The batter/shooter picks any square and attempts a shot
If the basket is made, the batter/shooter is awarded that many bases. (single, double, triple, HR)
If a shot is made, the base runners advance the same amount of corresponding bases.
-So if runner is on first, and a double is made, the runner on first advances to third and the batter/shooter goes to second base.
Each square may only be attempted one time per top and bottom of each inning, (3 single squares, 3 double squares, 3 triple squares, 2 bunt squares) but home runs may be attempted as many times as desired. Once a square is attempted, it will be marked off with a bean bag, or cd, etc.
If you miss a shot by any means, that is an out.
3 outs and an inning is over.
Bunts are a sacrifice out that advances runners. If a player makes a bunt shot, the batter is out but the base runners advance 1 base. No bunts may be attempted when there are 2 outs.


3 defenders are on the court, 2 outfielders and 1 person psyching out the batter/shooter
2 outfielders: stand beside the basket and attempt double plays. Only if there are base runners obviously, if a shooter hits the backboard or the rim and misses the shot, the outfielders may ‘tip-in’ the ball for a double play. –In double play situations the lead runner is out.
For double plays, the outfielder must be fully off the ground when he catches and releases the ball for the tip-in.
Psyche outs-
The 3rd defender on the court is up in the shooters face doing whatever he can to make the shooter miss the shot, yell, scream, taunt……. He may not touch, block, or obstruct the shooters view in any way. Nothing can be thrown at the shooter either…. But props are allowed to assist in a psyche out and creativity with this is encouraged. –a main part of the game. (watch movie clips for context)
All defense positions may be substituted at any time

Offensive Conversions:

If a shooter misses a shot, and the outfielders attempt a tip-in for a double play and they miss the tip-in attempt     – then all current base runners AND the shooter may ‘crash the boards’ and attempt their own ‘tip-in’ for a conversion. If the offense converts on a missed shot, the shot counts and obviously the base runners advance the corresponding number of bases.


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