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Game 11: Spelling Bee 8/5

By April 23, 2016Season 4

Game 11: Dunken Spelling Bea



Date: 8/5/16 @ 7 pm

Location: The Bricks Ybor (1327 E 7th Ave, Tampa, Florida 33605)

Matchup: Eagles vs Bears vs Tigers vs Flamingos

Overview: Winner take all Spelling Bee!


All in Game (1 Winner)
All teams play vs each other for 1 WIN, and 3 L’s.
Moderator: Someone not in League?

Order for Game:
1st Flamingos (Don’t have a sponsor)
2nd Eagles (Because they are in 3rd)
3rd Bears (Currently in Lead)
4th Tigers (Home Court Advantage)

1 Speller
2 Min Spell Clock
Beer in Hand
1 Winner take all!


Moderator pulls a random word from the word bin.  The moderator says the word and the teams 2 minute clock starts.

The team has 2 minutes to repeat the word on the mic and ask any follow up questions to the moderator, review as a team, and send one member up to spell the word.
Once the speller leaves their team to attempt spelling the word, the team can not help, physically form a L with human bodies or say anything to assist the speller.  It your team attempts to assist a speller and is called out by another team, the speller and team will forfeit the point.
The word must be completely spelled before the clock runs out.  Ties will go to the speller.
The individual team members should rotate going up, as we do not want same person going up each time. Everyone must go up and spell a word before a player repeats.
Speller must have drink in hand.
If a speller/team gets a word wrong…No points will be rewarded but the word can be STOLEN by the 5th team (Friends, family, wives, GF).  The 5th team will only operate to steal misspelled words and not actually participate in the spelling rounds.  The 5th team will operate under the same rules as the other teams with respect to the 2 min clock, rotating spellers, initial team collaboration but no assistance once the speller starts to spell a word.   If the 5th team attempts to assist after a spellers has started, the steal will be voided.
If the 5th team correctly spells the stolen word, the team they stole the word from will lose a point and goes -1 on that specific word/round.
This will occur for a total of 10 words (40 words; 4 teams).
The Team with the most points at the end of 10 rounds wins.
No phones allowed during spell off as they can be used to cheat.  If a phone is seem out at a time that is questionable, the team forfeits the point.
Overtime Spell Off:
After 10 rounds.  If there is a tie, the teams that are tied will flip a coin for who goes first in a sudden death spell off.
Team 1 will start.  If they spell the word correctly, team 2 will get a chance to spell their word correctly.  If team 2 misspells their word, team 1 is the winner.
If team 1 starts and misspells their word, team 2 can steal their word and if spelled correctly will win.  If team 2 steals a word but spells it incorrectly, they still get a word in that round to attempt to spell correctly.
This will continue until a winner is found.

General Rules:
•no cheating (Phones, other people)
•In the case a spectator not involved with the league gets involved during a spelling, start round over with new word.
•5th team can Steal words to give spelling team -1 pt
•No assistance to speller from team once they approach mic
•2 min clock starts once moderator finishes announcing word
•Must finish full spelling before clock runs out


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