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Game 2: Broom Ball 6/24/15

By May 15, 2015Season 3

Game 2: Broom Ball

Bears vs Flamingos & Eagles vs Tigers




Date: 6/24/15 @ 9PM
Location:  Tampa Bay Skating Academy
255 Forest Lakes Blvd, Oldsmar, Florida 34677
Matchup: Black vs White, Pink vs Gold
Overview: A game of street hockey on ice- no skates


Everyone must wear sneakers and sign waiver before stepping on to the ice!

Closed toe shoes are mandatory
Game consists of two 15 minute halves with a 60 second half time.
9 v 9 with a goalie (8 players out and 1 goalie per team on ice)
Game is played with shoes, running up and down ice rink hitting medicine ball in hockey goal with broom ball sticks
No intentional contact of any kind is allowed
No icing
No off sides
Substitutions may happen at any time on the fly
Players must stay out of blue goalie crease
Team with most goals at end of game wins
Get your team to show up… it is up to your opposing team if they will agree to play with fewer people on ice at a time if your team didn’t show enough players.


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