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Game 2: Shuffleboard

By February 5, 2015game 2, Uncategorized
Shuffleboard 3

Game 2: Shuffleboard

Feb 5th @ 7:00 PM

St Pete Shuffleboard Club,


$5 CASH per player


Doubles shuffleboard – Teams of two. –Because of this style of competition, Teams- make sure a strong number of players show up.

The goal is for each team to have at least 10 players from each team for this event:

Teams will have 5 doubles teams (or 4 or 6 depending on attendance). Doubles partners will be created before event begins and those doubles partners will remain partners for the night. **If a team brings an odd number of players, there will be a team of 3 to compensate.

To determine who plays who from each respective team: Doubles partners of each team will be drawn out of a hat randomly to determine who plays who for each round of the game.

There will be three rounds of each game (like bowling in season 1) resulting in everyone playing three games.

For each of the three rounds, double partners who play each other in the White Tigers vs Golden Eagles game and the Black Bears vs Pink Flamingos respective games will be drawn at random via doubles partner teams pulled out of a hat. It is possible that individual doubles teams could play each other more than once in respective overall games.

So, each doubles team will play 3 games against an opposing doubles team within the overall respective game. Whichever respective team has more wins overall at the end of competition is the winner.


-If Pink Flamingos have 10 players/5 doubles teams, and Black Bears have 10 players/5 doubles teams

-a total of 15 games were played

-if Pink Flamingos won 8 of the 15 games played and Black Bears won 7 of the 15 games played, then Pink Flamingos win at an overall score of 8-7.


**Shuffleboard game rules will be run through before games start but here are basics:

Positive point or negative point discs count only if they do not touch lines of scoring court. If dispute occurs, an official will decide.

Cannot ‘foot fault’ and step over base line when shooting.

Games are first to 75. If both teams reach 75 or greater in the same frame, then a two frame sudden death playoff occurs to determine winner. (very rare)

Same point scoring in a frame does not cancel out points. (If 8 points were scored by each team in a frame, each team gained 8 points… the two 8’s by each team do not cancel out to zero.

Very Important- No one may at any time step or walk on the middle part of the courts themselves. Club rules. –not talking about game play… just in general no standing or walking on court.

Drinks allowed and highly encouraged.


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