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Game 3: Rugby

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Game 3: Tag Rugby

Bears vs Tigers & Flamingos vs Eagles




Date: 5/21/16 @ 9 am BE EARLY

Location: Davis Islands Seaplane Basin Park
(864 Severn Ave, Tampa, Florida 33606)

Matchup: Tigers vs Bears, Eagles vs Flamingos

Overview: Tag Rugby

Game Play:

Come early, so we don’t have to blow the whistle every 3 seconds.

A Touch is defined as a 1 handed touch or a flag pull. Each team will have 7 touches in a possession. The goal of the posession is to score a “tri”. A try is scored when a player places the ball on the ground in the “try zone”.

When a player is “touched” the offensive team must reactivate the play by tapping the ball with their foot, rolling the ball backwards or stepping over the ball.

Game play only stops when the ball goes out of bounds. After the ball goes out of bounds a “line out” is performed. This is when the “hooker” (one of the centers) throws the ball back into play. Teams will set up 3 receivers vs 3 defenders and both will attempt to win the balls possession for their team.

At any time during the game play, a player may kick the ball in the forward direction. Should their player recover the ball in a clean matter they may pick up the ball and continue to run towards the “try zone.”

At all times, players may run forwards or backwards, but can only pass the ball backwards using a lateral motion.

Should a player attempt to catch the ball and he bobbles the ball or it bounces off of his chest it is a “knock on”. A knock on shall be treated as a touch and players will be required to reactivate the play according to the “touch” rules above. If the knock on is during a kick off, it will not count towards the 7 touches of game play.


The game is played with 2 teams of 6 players each. The goal is to get the ball in to the “try zone” and place the ball on the ground.

2 – wingers: Right Wing and Left Wing are typically the runners: Players want to lateral the ball wide to the wingers to let them run towards the try zone. These guys typically score the “try” and when on defense are the last line of defence. Should be the fast runners and reliable catchers.

2 – Middles: Typically place the ball into play and pass out to the links. These guys will typically run the ball up the gut and move it on the ground. Since this is touch they will want to pass before coming into contact.

2 – Links: these guys are play makers. They receive the ball from the middles and pass out to the wingers. They set up the attack moves on offense and hold the line on defense. They should be agile as they will be running the ball up the field until they meet resistance; then will pass to the winger before touch is made.

Defense: At the start of play the defense must give 10 meters (30 feet) from the point of tap. After a touch, they must give 5 meters (15 feet) from where the touch occurs. Once the offensive Half touches the ball defense may begin to attack the offense.

Should the defense not provide 5 meters, the offense will receive the advantage. Should they advance in gameplay there will be no penalty. Should they lose meters (yardage) the penalty shall be called and the play will restart at the previous touch point.

“Half” is the player that places the ball into play. The half may not score a “try” until after 2 passes have been made.

Activating the Play:

Tap: a player may tap the ball after a touch or at the start of play. Once the player taps the ball to their foot they may begin to run forward with the ball or lateral to a team mate. Once the ball is tapped into play the defense may advance on the ball. The defense will not be charged a penalty should the “tapper” tap the ball before the defense has the opportunity to retreat.

Roll or step over: Should the player choose to roll or step over the ball, then the “Half” must retrieve that ball and activate play.


These will be kept to a minimum.

1)The ball may not be passed forward
2)Improper activation of play from tap, roll or step over
3)Obstruction of play (shepherding) offense may not intentionally block defense from making touch
4)Players are offside (advantage should be granted to non offending team)
5)Ball goes out of play


May occur at any time; new player may not enter the field until original player is off; substitutes must stay in designated “bench” areas

Duration: 2 – 20 minute halfs with a 5 minute halftime – clock shall not stop, but penalty time shall be accrued
Shall the game be close, teams will play until penalty time has passed


In the event of a tie, both teams will reduce to 5 players. After 2 minutes, reduce to 4 players each. After 2 more minutes 3 players each. This is a sudden death situation. Shall there not be a score, the first team to score in the game will be declared the winner.


We will not be playing with uprights, therefore a “try” will be marked at 6 points. Players will have 1 opportunity to score an extra point by running the ball in. The ball must make contact with the ground (under control of player) in order to count.


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