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Game 5: Civil War Beer Pong 7/10/15

By May 15, 2015Season 3

Game 5: Beer Pong Civil War

Bears vs Tigers & Eagles vs Flamingos




Date: 7/10/15 Friday @ 7PM
Location: The Bricks – YBOR
Matchup: Bears vs Tigers, Eagles vs Flamingos
Overview: A game of Beer Pong Civil War.


A version of Beer Pong that is a free for all, last man/last cup standing. It is competitive and fast paced.

How to Play:  Throw the ball across the table at any of your opponent’s cups and try to make it in the cups. If one of your cups is made you must drink it before you are able to shoot again. Once a player’s 3 cups have been made he is out of the game and his teammates must win the game! It is basically speed beer pong but every player has his own set of cups to protect.


Best of 5 Games.  Alternate Team Games
Games 1, 3, 5, 7, 9: Bears vs Tigers
Games 2, 4, 6, 8, 10: Eagles vs Flamingos

Set Up:

Everyone plays from a team that shows up.

Set up a triangle of 3 red cups vs 3 blue for every player in the game.

Teams stand on opposite side of the table. Each team starts with an equal amount of balls.  Play with at least half as many balls as there are players.

Initial Ball distributions:
20 Players = 10 game balls. (No extras)
14 on Team 1 (Gets to start with 7 Balls)  vs 6 on Team 2 (Gets to start with 3 Balls)

Odd Numbers: Play with 1 more ball than half the team numbers.  11 vs 9 = 20 players, 10 balls.  Add a ball to the mix and split up as 6 balls vs 5 balls for this example.  “Play with at least half as many players/balls”.  The are a lot of player/ball variations that can happen.  Use rules above to establish before game play.


1) Elbows must be behind the edge of the table when shooting
2) Bounce shots do not count
3) If you accidently block a ball that is coming at you cups while reaching for another ball or what not you must drink one of your cups
4) You CAN all shoot at one player’s cups if you want
5) If 2 balls are made in the same cup before the player picks it up and drinks it he must take another one of his cups to drink
6) There are no turns. Think of it as kill or be killed. The balls get picked up and shot at free.
7) No balls are off limits for roll backs (pay attention to rebounds) .
8) Must drink before you shoot.
9) Rebounds (A live player can’t step past the front line of their table to rebound a ball (but reaching is allowed while feet remain on their side).  A dead player can not be involved in any rebounds.
10) Once you set up your cups initially you can not touch them again to adjust.  If one falls or is knocked off the table-it counts.
11) No fingers, blowing etc to cups/balls.  If spotted-drink a cup.


Fishing Spots