111 Game 5: Lacrosse 6/11 @ 9am | THE LEAGUE TAMPA
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Game 5: Lacrosse 6/11 @ 9am

By April 29, 2016Season 4

Game 5: Lacrosse

Bears vs Eagles & Flamingos vs Tigers




Date: 6/11/16 @ 9 am

Location:  Davis Islands Seaplane Basin Park
864 Severn Ave, Tampa, Florida 33606

Matchup: Eagles vs Bears, Tigers vs Flamingos

Overview: 7 vs 7 Lacrosse

Game Play:

We have enough sticks for 6 v 6 plus goalies (7 v 7). The sticks are small, and the balls are fairly soft.
1. 7 v 7
2. 2 alternating halves, of 20 minutes, with running clock
3. Do not use the stick as a weapon. The stick can be used to knock out ball (stick checking) from opposing players stick, but no slashing, or violent motion at sticks. The result of an aggressive sticking, will be a 2 minute penalty.
4. Offense can not be in the goalie crease. Scoring will require both feet to be outside of the goalie crease. Crease violations result in loss of possession.
5. We will have a 2 point line
6. We will create a loose out of bounds, a player can not run out of bounds with ball, however the closest player to a ball that goes out of bounds can bring it back into the field of play & continue.
7. No offsides
8. We will have face-offs after each goal scored
9. The offensive possession is clocked at 60 seconds. You must make an attempt at shot within 60 seconds.


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