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Game 6: Bowling 7/24/15

By May 15, 2015Season 3

Game 6: Bowling

Bears vs Flamingos & Eagles vs Tigers


Date: 7/24/15
Time: 7 PM
Location: Pinarama Bowling (South of Gandy Blvd on Dale Mabry)
Matchup: Bears vs Flamingos, Eagles vs Tigers
Overview: This leisurely sport is going to be jam packed with booze and good times.


Match Point Scoring Style – Ryder Cup Style
You will need to bring a minimum of 5 guys to this game. If you have more than 5 players show up, you will have players split/share turns. The captain will mark the player card with order and who is splitting in advance for all 3 games. They will match up to the opposing teams lineup card. The lineup cards can be different for all 3 games, but they must be pre-written in advance so that there are no disputes over changes after.
Each team will nominate a specific player (RD Bowler 1) to match up against the opposite teams specific player (BB Bowler 1).
That individual score vs the other individual score will result in 1 pt for the highest scorer.
This scenario will occur 5 times for the match up, in 3 games.
The teams will play a total of 3 matches. Team with highest point total wins (there is 15 total points to be had, so there should not be a tie) the complete win for the standings.
All bowlers must bowl according to pre-selected match-ups prior to handing the card in. No bowler can change position during game play to match-up more favorably.

$9.95 2 Hour “All You Can Bowl” (includes shoes)


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