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Game 9: Bingo 7/19

By April 25, 2016Game 9, Season 4

Game 9: B-I-N-G-O

Bears vs Tigers | Eagles vs Flamingos




Date: 7/19/16 @ 7 PM

Location: The Brass Tap – YBOR
1600 E 7th Ave, E-113, Tampa, Florida

Matchup: Bears vs Tigers, Eagles vs Flamingos


Game 9 takes us to the home of the BLACK BEARS at The Brass Tap in Ybor.

The game is BINGO & your grandmother might win.  If you bring your grandmother to the event tonight…she can play for your team!

Game is simple… Get BINGO, Yell BINGO.  Less players, less cards.  More players, more cards.

Every player from your team plays.  Could be 3 vs 15 or 10 vs 10.   The bingo coordinator will go through the rules onsite.  The game will continue until a player from each of the team match-ups gets BINGO.

Each player will have a card. Once a number is called, player will mark that part of grid. Once 5 in a row are covered either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal; the person must yell “Bingo”.  A Ref will confirm those numbers were called and a team will be rewarded with 1 win.  Best of 7 games takes home this events W.  This event is open to all and Brass Tap will have other people playing.  Bring the GF, WIVES, ETC.  They can play but only Grandma can play for your team.  If someone at Brass Tap wins that is not a League member, please feel free to chug your beer and get another on The League.

League is buying beers so don’t miss this one!

Disclaimer:  The League and its members do not promote drinking, driving, drinking & driving, operating heavy machinery or any combination of the above.  Be responsible, Have Fun, Get a Uber.


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