-The RED washed to PINK-

Incarnation is a belief that a spirit can take on new forms, and live again. The Red Deer fought a bold fight in Season 1, and for the most part generally led the standings and held an undefeated rank. They were fast, quick, and came in numbers. However, they were unfolded by the same strengths that made them so successful.  As the Season dragged on, some deer went North, others South, and many were lost. The Deer simply faded away.

The fire of the Deer, and the true inspiration, lives on – in a new breed. The Red washed to Pink, the horns led to legs, and the wings were added to get them back together. The Pink Flamingos have a sexy new look, that embodies there speedy nature. They stand together, often on one leg.  They live in Florida to ensure they stick together, and they are strong swimmers and powerful fliers, but they rarely waste their time doing that. These Flamingos are built to finish the season strong. The color of Pink only stays that way by defeating and crushing it’s opponents.
The Flamingos are here to make a statement this Season, the new team name, the new colors, and the new Champions…


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