Season Sponsorship


As a Season Sponsor, we will provide you with numerous opportunities to communicate & interact with League Members.  We are looking for positive brand connections to create lasting partnerships with The League.

  • *League Draft Part & Championship Event at sponsors location.
  • *Your brand, logo and links on our sponsor section of the website as “SEASON SPONSOR”.
  • *Your brand & logo on the specific TEAM you are sponsoring on the website.
  • *Home page presence as The Official Season sponsor.
  • *Your logo and info promoted for events on social media.
  • *Your logo on the sponsored teams shirts and apparel.
  • *Brand representation on social media posts (Paid Posts)
  • *Brand representation to members through weekly email blasts
  • *Connection to members through Social Media
  • *Specific team sponsors will house the teams League Glasses for use on location.
  • *Championship teams sponsor will house the Seasons Trophy.
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