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The League Tampa is looking for exclusive sponsors to assist in supporting an independent athletic and recreational men’s league. By being a League Sponsor, we will provide you with numerous opportunities to communicate & interact with League Members. We are looking for positive brand connections to create lasting partnerships with The League.

Who we are?

We are a group of 52 guys age 25-40 that still have not given up on competition, whether that be drinking, sporting, or general challenges.  From shuffleboard, poker, paintball, softball, basketball, to even dodgeball our Season consists of weekly games that bring friends together. We were founded on pick-up games and a resentment for league fees and bad competition. We are engineers, We are Realtors, We are tech support, We are marketing, We are fun people to support.  Each season lasts 8-10 weeks with 10 different sports played out through intense competition from 4 teams.  Each season is unique with different events, sports & activities.  The League is a lasting experience, with each member looking forward to the next season.

What we need?

We do not need a lot. We pay for our own equipment, we pay for our own venues, we pay for our own shirts. We do it all ourselves. We ref our own games. We create our own website.  We write our own rules.  However, we realize our brand, the people in our group are an asset to you.  We advertise on social media, We interact and engage the community, We are out at restaurants and bars.  People want to be a part of The League. We are looking for sponsors, partnerships & donations.  We want to partner with our sponsors to be a part of the League and follow our Season to the end.  We want to help promote our sponsors, and support them throughout the season.  We are looking for positive brand connections to create lasting partnerships with The League.

Season & Team Sponsorships available

Team Sponsor

$ 750

Per Season
  • Brand Representation
  • League Events
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Season SponsorOnly 1 Season Sponsor

$ 1500

Per Season
  • Brand Representation & Partnership
  • Draft & Championship Events
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$ 0

Per Season
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  • Venue Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor
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Golden Eagle

Largest bird of prey. The G-D Eagle.

Pink 500

Pink Flamingo

WON the Pink/LOST the RED.


White Tiger



Black Bear

Smart, Vision, Climb, Swim, Run, & Gigantic

Are these the only options?

The League is open to creating positive partnerships with brands, companies and venues.  We are open to sponsorships opportunities that promote the direction of the League.  Please reach out to us if you have a sponsorship proposal in mind or would like to sit down with a League member to find out more.

Where does my $’s go?

All league funds are committed to making that seasons experience better.  The League was established to improve the typical 1 sport leagues & create a ongoing competative league of multiple sports and venues.  The events have a twist, we support team participation and value in numbers.   Your sponsorship dollars go to team shirts, securing better venues and overall promotion of The League and its partners.