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Wildcard Game: Football

By April 21, 2016Season 4

Wildcard: Flag Football

Eagles vs Tigers



Date: 8/20/16 @ 9 am

Location:  Davis Islands Seaplane Basin Park
864 Severn Ave, Tampa, Florida 33606

Matchup: Eagles vs Tigers

Overview: 7 vs 7 Flag Football

Game Play:

How many play:
•Max is 7. 1 person must hike the ball and 3 must start on the line of scrimmage.
•5 Count to rush the passer.
•Duration: 40 min game – 5 min half time
•Scoring: 7 points for a touchdown.

•Turkey Bowl rules
•1 hand touch or Flags (Teams Choice)
•2 20 minute half. Running clock. Clock stops in last 1 minute in the first half and 2 minutes in the 2ndhalf. Clock stops on a dead ball, out of bounds, or a first down.
•1 foot in for a catch
•1 time out per half
•Subs allowed on a dead ball
•You must cross the mid field line for a 1stdown within 3 downs. After you cross the mid field, you must score or punt within 3 downs.


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